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Guest houses & rooms


We make part of a little local club of vacation rental owners that have the same vision as us in terms of activities and leisure holiday, namelyto meet people, discover the region and its products.

Hence we organize several events to which we convey our guests, obviously without any obligation.  Ask us for more info when you arrive.  

In addition to many hikings in the area, we also offer cooking classes using local products (including foie gras); tasting local drinks such as ratafià, guignolet, walnut wine, plum brandy (and others), visit of Figeac "by night" and many other surprises.  Persons wishing to receive an introduction to the "mindfulness" can join us too.



Let someone hike and you'll know his character!

Walking is a great activity for the physical and moral health.

We organize hikes for all levels of fitness and we include in our walkings visits to interesting sites in the Lot and neighboring departments.


Based on your suggestions, we can also organize excursions on the Chemins of Saint Jacques de Compostela.  You can accompany the participants a few moments on the roads by clicking on the image.

Family and business events


The total capacity of 12 guests facilitates the organization of family and corporate events such as team building.


We can, for example, offer a week of team building with the following program: 3 days hiking from Conques to Figeac (67 km) with accommodation in comfortable guest rooms, and then the next 3 days from Travers de Pechmeja to visit several interesting sites nearby.


Several topics related to corporate environments (objectives, resources, change, stress, etc..) can be included and discussed during this week by practical exercises and an informal debriefing.


Of course, do not hesitate to contact us as we can tailor the program to suit your needs.


Team building is organized outside the high season of holiday and with a minimum number of 6 participants.

Happiness can be cultivated


By thinking too much of the past and projecting yourself always into the future, we tend to forget to live the present moment.


Certain principles and methods can help to see life more positively - relaxation therapy - meditation - yoga.


If an initiation to mind fullness interests you, please let us know.